Mixing & Mastering for $120

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Mixing & Mastering for $120

Get professional sound for your music. Our Recording Studio has a high-end acoustic room and is equipped with high-quality pro audio gear. Mixing and Mastering are important parts of the recording process and with our online service we offer a major-label production quality at price you can afford.

- Any style of music
- Unlimited stems number
- Extra Versions included (radio edit, instrumental, etc.)
- Optimized for streaming
- 3 revisions included
- 1 month free backup of the project
- Delivery in 10-15 days

- Send us your files in the best quality available along with any reference tracks, notes and suggestions that you think may be useful.
- Remove all compressors, EQ and any other plugins you’ve used for mixing purposes. Instead you can leave the effects you think have a musical value in the context of the composition (eg chorus, flanger, etc.).
- Export your session as a single WAV or AIFF file from beginning to end because it’s important that all tracks are in sync.
- Indicate the BPM and make sure that all the material is correctly named.

If you have any question please contact us.

Adesso Balla

  • Adesso Balla
  • Evoluzione
  • Apnea
  • Difficile
  • Dove sei
  • Irrecuperabile
  • L'immenso
  • Life Is Just
  • Luna d'estate
  • Nodo al cuore
  • Non so cosa fare con te
  • Progettati per esistere
  • Quello che vorrei
  • You're My Lady

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