Radio & Streaming Ready Edit, Mix & Master for $125

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Radio & Streaming Ready Edit, Mix & Master for $125

Give your songs and production the clarity, depth, width, punch, and balance you strive for, backed by over 15-years of experience in the music and audio production world. Your music is personal and emotional, deserving of care and artisan crafting--put it in the hands of someone who cares enough to get it right for you. Let's bring the vision for your music to life, together.

From intimate and delicate to big, wide and punchy, take your sessions to the next level: ready for streaming, ready for radio, ready for awaiting audience and fans. Let's give your mastered music the dynamics, loudness, balance, width, and depth that music lovers are drawn to.

As a professional performing and recording musician, I understand the process of putting something out there to share with the world. Comfortable with all genres and their various nuances.

$150 per song for track editing, mixing and mastering:
• Editing of individual tracks
• Minor pitch correction of vocals
• Mixing (includes balancing levels, panning, eq, compression, saturation, delay, etc)
• 3 mix revisions if necessary -- I'm happy when you're happy
• Basic mastering
• 48k/24-bit production process
• 2-4 day turnaround is typical. More time might be needed for additional requests
• up to 80 individual tracks or stems (to include printed effects tracks if any)

You'll receive:
• Master Mix 44.1 or 48K and 16 or 24-bit WAV
• Master Mix 320k bitrate MP3

Additional Options:
One additional mix, such as instrument-only backing track or other alternate mix for $50
Comping multiple takes of a track for $100

A rough mix or reference song is helpful to reach your vision
Please label all tracks/files clearly (e.g., Kick, Snare, Gtr, VOC, Bass DI, Bass Amp, Room)

15% total discount for 8 or more tracks in a single project

• Pro Tools 2018
• Audition 2018
• Native Instruments, EastWest, Waves, Soundtoys, iZotope, VSL

In addition to editing, mixing, and mastering I am available for producing and providing additional or replacement instrumentation for your music.

Right Here

by Miavono -- Dave Merkel remix
  • Right Here
  • Long Way Home
  • Conditions
  • Whiskey
  • A Hundred Lousy Love Songs
  • I'm Not Dead Yet
  • Mercy and Grace

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