I will Master your track / song for $50

In Mastering 100% Guarantee By Derek Turner

I will Master your track / song for $50

I am a full time Mastering engineer with my own studio.
My set up is hybrid (both analog & software options)
I am comfortable with all & any genre.

I will Master as per your vision, or reference - it's your song after all.
However I will offer suggestions & options as the project unfolds which will only be implemented with your approval and guidance.
These days the lines between Mixing & Mastering often overlap, and so I am willing to make any adjustments to your stereo mix to improve the final result - with your permission of course

My Mastering credits can be heard here :


* Rates are negotiable for more than 1 song
* Rates are negotiable if you also need Mixing

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Rap
  • Metal
  • Trap
  • Funk

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