best transcription service on airgigs for $75

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Oleg Maximov

best transcription service on airgigs for $75

If you're looking for a specialist in transcribing music then just check out links below for my portfolio and let's start working together!
There are more than 150 5-star reviews from clients fully satisfied with my work as a music transcriber and a music notation specialist.
So many people can't be wrong, right?
I will not waste your time with words.
Typically, the estimated delivery time will be no longer then 3 days, but most of my clients receives their orders in 1-2 days.
1 gig includes 1 instrument part.
So, if you need to transcribe a jazz quintet song with sax, piano, bass, guitar and drums, each part will cost you $75.
However, if you only require a sax part + chords or just a simple chord chart with the melody (Realbook style), then it's only $75.
1 gig includes a transcription for a song no longer then 4 minutes in lenght. If the song lasts longer, then additional payment of $10/minute is required.
Feel free to message me with any questions!
I offer this service as Express(less then 24 hours) = +50%

Here are links to demonstrations of the completed transcriptions:
1) Bass guitar

2) Arrangements

3) Saxophone!AtAts-CT_y-RidYLxe3WpSKPkCa9tA!AtAts-CT_y-RidYMeWRjn9VC0TPt_A!AtAts-CT_y-RidYJk-egQdJ8BysZPg!AtAts-CT_y-RidYOroLhaJtsfR24yQ

4) Guitar!AtAts-CT_y-RhZ4hbp-PiXJ7AaB4zg!AtAts-CT_y-RhaBN1y6lMGaYCIvVbQ!AtAts-CT_y-RhZ1gMygHEjPcvXdWag!AtAts-CT_y-RhZ4Z3C7wP1IxaR32_Q!AtAts-CT_y-RhZ5KQNc3cS7bBtpkBg

5) Violin

6) Vocal + Chords + Lyrics!AtAts-CT_y-RiPUk0oLhYsRnbsfvOw!AtAts-CT_y-RiPUjdRcMh4HtnvFFQw!AtAts-CT_y-Rh-BAvkbmzSvmpnBAVA

7) Melody + Bass + Chords!AtAts-CT_y-RiPUvNaQpsfRIxKdDzQ!AtAts-CT_y-RiPcWmiJoCmPdNMcDEw!AtAts-CT_y-RiPcWmiJoCmPdNMcDEw

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