Digitalizing of the printed sheet music for $40

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Oleg Maximov

Digitalizing of the printed sheet music for $40

Do you need to move a handwritten sheet music into digital score? This service is for you!

I have more than 150 positive feedbacks from clients all around the world fully satisfied with my work as a guitarist, an arranger, a music transcriber and a music notation specialist.
So many people can't be wrong, right?

With this service, I provide an extremely accurate notation of your music material to a digital score.
I work in Sibelius 8.5 and you will receive your scores in pdf and sib files.
As for specific requirements, I can handle with Guitar Pro, Finale, MuseScore, if needed.

1 gig includes 1 song notation of up to ten pages of music!
Every additional ten pages will costs you additional $40.
Not matter what you need -- all genres of music, all types of bands are possible, from solo pieces, to duos, trios, combos and all the way up to full big bands.

Estimated delivery time varies, depending on what kind of project you have. Usually I can have your scores for you from 1-3 days. Please feel free to contact me about terms or whatever you need, before we start this service.

Here are links to demonstrations of the completed notations(Sibelius files):!AtAts-CT_y-Rl_gkCDDz4ybhGgh_3Q!AtAts-CT_y-Rh7gOGFCwO7WJS4iU1w!AtAts-CT_y-RhvZf7JhaMsorHgTrvQ!AtAts-CT_y-Rl_Z2qbNP0PX_CBvAiw!AtAts-CT_y-RhugmmO1lNG5gfD67HA!AtAts-CT_y-Rh4ocu4d95U0uots6mQ!AtAts-CT_y-Rl_Z39-tZmvSu4O9TLg!AtAts-CT_y-RhugC2oX3cyy8Hqyiww!AtAts-CT_y-Rh4oVKkdKbQkuaWe_bg

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