Acoustic Guitar Tracking for $100

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Acoustic Guitar Tracking for $100

I can provide two acoustic guitar tracks (doubled or different parts - as you prefer) recorded with stereo or mono miking. Obviously the tracks will be recorded with top-notch equipment and delivered ready to mix.  


My Name is Chris Kaufmann, I am a guitarist, a producer and arranger based in northern Italy. As a guitarist I tour across Europe with the Country Band named Truck Stop and I work in the studio for different award winning artists.

I can provide electric and acoustic guitar recordings for different styles. I am specialized in Country, Pop, Rock, Folk, Blues & Funk...but I love playing Dance, EDM and commercial stuff as well.

I am supported by G&L Guitars, D´Angelico Guitars, Thomas Guitars, Kemper Amps, Ortega Guitars, ME Geithein Monitors, Vision Ears, BBE Sound Inc. and Richter Straps.

As I have my own production studio I can deliver in a very short time, if needed.

My gear:
Guitars: ...plenty :-)
Amps: Fender BF Bassman Head, Fender Twin Reverb, Linnemann JCM 800, Kemper KPA, Two Note Torpedo, different IR Players
Mics: many... Manley, Shure, Line Audio, just to name a few.
Pre Amps: API, Studer, Antelope
Conversion: Antelope
DAW: Logic Pro X

Check my website for more information:

Looking forward to work with you and having some fun ;)

Cheers Chris

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  • Pop-Rock
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  • Singer-Songwriter

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