Rock and Metal guitars for your song for $50

In Guitar By Manú Lopez

Rock and Metal guitars for your song for $50

Hey! I'm Manú, and I am looking forward to work with you in your project, your song or album. I will do my best to acomplish what you expect.

I´m offering professional guitar tracks for your song.
I can compose guitar parts or just record what you ask me.
I'll record electric guitars for Rock, Metal, Hard Rock and any subgenre.
Rhythm guitars, solos, cleans, ambients and arrangements.

What You Get:

Custom guitar tracks
A mix ready guitar tracks
A clean DI guitar tracks
We can discuss optional extras

Please contact me before placing an order to discuss all that you need! So let's get in touch and make some music!

  • Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Prog rock
  • Punk

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  • Lord Divine- Reborn
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