*Pro Electric Guitar Tracks* 1 Song for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Jake Widenhofer

*Pro Electric Guitar Tracks* 1 Song for $75

If you're looking for professional, mix ready guitar tracks then I'm your guy! I've worked on major label projects, songs with my buddies and everything in-between. I'm all about the song and finding a way to make the song better. I would love to work with you and find a way to elevate YOUR song!

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R9
Gibson Les Paul 2010's w/P90's
1979 Gibson 335
Gibson SG
Fender Strat
Fender Tele
Fender 72 RI Tele
1981 Guild D46 (Acoustic)
Gold Tone Ganjo
I can also play and have access to a Mandolin

1979 Marshall JMP 2204
Vox AC30HH
1963 Blonde Fender Bassman
2010 Marshall 412

80's Sennheiser 421
Shure SM57
Cascade FatHead Ribbon

Strymon Timeline
Strymon Mobius
Source Audio Ventris Reverb
MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe
Electro Harmonic POG2
Line 6 M9 (JHV3 mod)
Boss TU3
JHS modded Volume Pedal
JHS modded Boss EQ
Way Huge Pork Loin
Arc Effects Klon
Analogman King Of Tone
Xotic Effects RC Booster V2
Xotic Effects RC Booster V1
Keeley Compressor
Wampler Ego Compressor
MXR Timmy
Early 2000's Fulltone Full-Drive 2
ZVEX Box of Rock

Recording Gear:
Logic Pro X
UAD Apollo Twin
Neve 1073
API Channel Strip
CLA Compressors (1176, 3A, 2A)

Matthew West's #1 Single "God Who Stays" 2019
All Things New Single "Grace That Changes Everything" 2019
Leanna Crawford's Single "Funeral" 2020
Matthew West "All In" 2017
Leanna Crawford EP 2018
Matthew West "Brand New" 2020
Leanna Crawford "Leanna Crawford" 2020
Eric Burgett "Pass It On" EP 2019
Eric Burgett's Single "Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac" 2019
Griffin House "Balls" 2013
Mark Roach "Glory Hallelujah" 2012
David Upton "Unraveled" 2013
Matthew West "Live Forever" 2015
Shane Dunlap "Love So Amazing" 2015

My process is fairly straight forward. When I work with producers in Nashville, I'll start by finding out what the artist/producer is looking for. Then, I'll decide what I think would work best tonally and go from there. I can deliver a broad range of tones. From country twang to rock, ambient instrumental to pop CCM, funk and R&B to jazz.

I will deliver as many tracks as an artist wants! Normally I will do anywhere from 6-20 tracks depending on the song, and if I'm doing acoustic AND electric. I'll revise, edit, and do as many takes as needed to make sure I get it just the way you want it!

I have written sound design music for my friends videos. I also have written songs/music for artists varying from pop/rock and CCM to country.

  • Pop
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Ambient
  • Ambient
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • CCM

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