Full Guitar Arrangement for $180

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Full Guitar Arrangement for $180

I can do any guitar arrangement for your song and provide whatever is needed:
acoustics, electrics, FX, etc. I deliver separated tracks ready for the mix...just let me know what you need! 


My Name is Chris Kaufmann, I am a guitarist, a producer and arranger based in northern Italy. As a guitarist I tour across Europe with the Country Band named Truck Stop and I work in the studio for different award winning artists.

I can provide electric and acoustic guitar recordings for different styles. I am specialized in Country, Pop, Rock, Folk, Blues & Funk...but I love playing Dance, EDM and commercial stuff as well.

I am supported by G&L Guitars, D´Angelico Guitars, Thomas Guitars, Kemper Amps, Ortega Guitars, ME Geithein Monitors, Vision Ears, BBE Sound Inc. and Richter Straps.

As I have my own production studio (www.blessvillemusic.com) I can deliver in a very short time, if needed.

My gear:
Mics: many... Manley, Shure, Line Audio, just to name a few.
Pre Amps: API, Studer, Antelope
Conversion: Antelope
DAW: Logic Pro X

G&L Asat Classic
G&L Asat Classic S
D´Angelico 175 Deluxe
Valley Arts Brent Mason Signature
Realguitars 69 Paisley
Rebel Relic 60s Strat
hard mod Fender Strat
PRS Soapbar P90
Heritage LP Custom
Epiphone Casino
Gibson Les Paul
PRS 277 Baritone
Danelectro Lipstick Baritone
Thomas Guitars SJ35
Yamaha FG Vintage
Yamaha FG Vintage 12-String
Cort SJ10 (Nashville Tuning)
Seagull Parlor
Duke Gut String
Deering 5-string Banjo
Ortega F-Style Mandolin
Kala Ukulele

Fender Bassman Head ´65
Fender Twin Reverb ´65 (modded)
Linneman JCM800
Kemper Profiler
Two Note Torpedo Loadbox
Different IR Players

Check my website for more information:

Looking forward to work with you and having some fun ;)

Cheers Chris

  • Pop-Rock
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Americana
  • EDM

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