British Pop and EDM industry standard vocals for a single for $175

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British Pop and EDM industry standard vocals for a single for $175

Hello ! I am a British singer songwriter from the UK that writes pop and EDM tracks. In this service I am looking to provide vocals for a single.

I provide:

- A full length high quality lead vocal wav file.
- Harmonies and ad-libs if the person wishes (same format)
- Revisions if needed

If your not sure if my voice would be the right fit for your single id be happy to provide a small demo free of charge. I also can provide a video chat to discuss the project. I want to make sure you get value for your money and also make sure you are more than satisfied with the project,

I also services in: songwriting, BVs only, lyrics and toplining and production. So if there is another service you may require feel free to check them out too :)

What I require:
- The lyrics of the single
- A melodic reference for the lead vocals.
- If you have harmonies and ad libs in mind some sort of reference to them (that can be a direction of when and where they come in or melodic references if possible)
- The full length single (either mp3 or wav format (preferred))

I also have links to my content and information of my experience on my profile and also on this service :)

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A Little Further

One of the six singles from my latest EP
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