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TOP RATED STUDIO PRO with 125+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ voc/keys reviews, who understands that your song needs to be sung with both passion and precision!

With years of studio and live experience, I have worked on hundreds of projects, including major label and indie albums, demos, and music for advertising airing across the US and beyond. Please check out my vocal reel in the Audio tab for multiple snippets of lead and BG vocs in a variety of styles.

***BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, I need to see your COMPLETED LYRICS and HEAR your song in whatever form you've got, just to make sure I'm the right guy for it. I'll follow up promptly. :)

For your project I will create ONE dry, mix-ready lead vocal track. A ONE-PART spot harmony vocal (e.g. on the choruses) is included. The following options are also available:

• Background vocals — $50 for UP TO THREE DOUBLED PARTS
• Having your words set to music — from $100
• Fast-track one-day turnaround (subject to availability) — $50
• If what you're looking for isn't listed, just message me!

After you place your order, I will add the total amount for any options you have selected to the base price by doing a "Modify Terms" for the order. AirGigs will then send you a request to accept the modification.

Once I've received your order, the first thing I will send you is a draft quality MP3 of an excerpt (usually a verse and chorus) of the lead vocal mixed with your track, for your review. Once we've established that we're on the same page with the vocal style, I will do the rest of the vocal(s) and send you a draft MP3 of the entire song. If you would like revisions (UP TO THREE rounds included), this is when they happen. Once everything is to your liking, I will deliver the finished vocal stem(s) via the order page for your order.

Studio highlights: Digital Performer; Universal Audio UAD-2 card loaded with world-class plug-ins; FireFace 800; Focusrite preamps; professional studio mics from Audio-Technica, RØDE, Shure, and others

Perry Barton

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Perry Barton multiple style vocal reel

Lead and background vocals
  • Perry Barton multiple style vocal reel

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