Perry Barton is a professional vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter, and producer. His work includes album and demo projects as well as music for TV and radio advertising airing all over the US.

His vocal styles include Rock, Classic R&B, Pop, and Country. In addition to being a versatile lead vocalist, he has a knack for arranging and performing background vocals.

He is also highly skilled at correcting pitch and timing inconsistencies in clients' vocal tracks in a way that sounds natural (unless you want the heavy auto-tune as an effect; he can do that too).

A versatile keyboardist, Perry covers everything from Rock to EDM, Country to Hip-Hop, Pop to R&B. He is well-equipped with the best keyboards and virtual instruments, to give your project exactly what it needs.

As a live performer he has toured and/or performed with a diverse list of artists including The Rascals (Felix Cavaliere), Dolly Parton, John Berry, and many others.

A native of Atlanta, Perry has lived in Nashville since 1996.

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