Death and Black metal Vocals and screams for your songs for $75

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Death and Black metal Vocals and screams for your songs for $75

Are you looking for professional death or black metal vocals on your track?
Why not hire a professional vocalist with nearly three decades worth of experience in the game.
Using professional studio quality gear, I will quickly craft the perfect vocals for your track in high quality .WAV format. I can do a range of metal styles from death metal all the way to grindcore screams and pig squeals. I’m bilingual and can do vocals in any language, not to mention I also write lyrics in English, French and Arabic.
There’s nothing I love more than helping other artists succeed. So when you book with me you’re not just getting great vocals. You’re hiring a lifelong supporter of your music that will go to immense lengths to create something that not only sounds great but sells more records.
Lets talk. I want to help bring your project to life. I believe my reviews speak for themselves but I am always on here grinding for my clients. So if you have any questions about the service I’m happy to help.

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