Extreme metal vocals Lessons for $75

In Lessons In Voice By Redouane Aouameur

Extreme metal vocals Lessons for $75

I will teach you the basics of extreme metal vocals
you will learn how to do:
False chords, fry screams, black metal screams, death metal growls, Grindcore screams, Pig vocals, ........and more
for 75$ you will get one hour lesson via Skype

"I am very pleased with what I learned and it really turned vocals into a new instrument. Excellent teacher, explaining everything in detail and made it very easy to understand. It was a really great experience. He is very open to continuing dialogue and lessons. I’m very happy to have worked with him and I’d call him a friend."
-Kevin Sean O'brian-

"He is an amazing teacher, helped me unlock many abilities today. Would definitely recommend!"
- Anas Aleethawi -

"I did two sessions, and i am very satisfied with the coach. He is patient and he really tries to help and make sure you understand. Would buy again after some alone practice time. He also has sick screams!"
- Sarados Manou -

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