I will be your Professional 80's Rock singer for $175

In Vocals (Male) 100% Guarantee By TruNorth Recording Studio

I will be your Professional 80's Rock singer for $175

I am a professional session vocalist, (NBC The Voice, Songwriter, Engineer/Studio Musician, and Music Producer). TruNorth is a 1 stop Solution with 24/7 accessibility. I create, mix & master your project for commercial use.

I supply and deliver Vocals edited and tuned
I send wave files 441Khz 24 sample rate
I use a neve 1073 preamp with Neumann TLM 107/ 103 and U87ai.
Presonus Studio One Pro.
I send samples and mix and master your song included with every order. and send the wav files in a zip!

So If it's knowledge and experience you're looking for, you are HERE and it is Destiny Let's have fun, Let's get to WORK!

80's flavor

Def Leppard
  • 80's flavor
  • Alternative Vocals
  • Rock vocals
  • Trap Hook
  • Emo Rock
  • The Weekend Pop Vocals
  • Synthwave Vocals
  • Folk
  • Christian Vocals
  • Top 40 Country
  • 90's pop Vocals
  • Hot Topic Radio Rock

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