Harmonies / Backup Vocals for $85

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Harmonies / Backup Vocals for $85

Hello! My name's Mia, and I'm a singer-songwriter. I'll arrange and record harmonies or backup vocals for your song. This can be as simple as singing "oohs / ahs" for parts or all of a song, to emphasize chords and fill out the sound. If provided with the lyrics, I can also arrange and/or record higher and lower harmonies to sing along with your melody.
I can usually adapt my voice and style depending on the genre and your ideas. I have the most experience singing pop and folk, and also have some experience in choral or broadway.
I use a Shure MV51 microphone to record vocals at home. I'll record between 2 and 10 tracks, depending on what I feel would add to the song based on your specifications.
I tend to be more selective with offering lead vocals, depending on whether I will be credited, how the song will be used, and whether I'm comfortable with the lyrics. Please reach out with your budget, lyrics, and any other details to see if it might be a good fit.
*If you plan to sell the song or release commercially: I charge an extra $200 for commercial use, but I offer discounts for small businesses, indie artists, non-profits, or educational use, and I don't require royalty splits. Please reach out for a custom offer!

Pretty Sky

from the album "Scribbled Pleas on Yellowed Keys"
  • Pretty Sky
  • Quiet Chaos
  • Entire Human

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