Lead and Backing Vocals for $100

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Lead and Backing Vocals for $100

I'm Ellis, a published graduate from ArtEZ Popacademy Conservatory, specialized in singing, songwriting, arranging and singing backing vocals. Aside from being a backing vocalist and songwriter/topline writer, I am also a lyric- and singing coach, vocal producer and overall creative mind. I love working for and with other people, to collectively create a great song!

I am very familiar in a music studio and I can use a DAW and edit music fairly easily. I am able to make my own demos and vocal productions in my own tiny home studio. I use Logic Pro X.

My voice is easily blendable, which creates a smooth and full backing vocal sound, but I can also create more choir-like sounds. I can sing from sheet music as well. My range is wide (3 octaves) and it can be soft and breathy, but also twangy or loud, with or without effects. I've sung different kinds of music, like a capella, funk, jazz, soul, alternative, rock, pop, country, folk, gospel, etc, etc.

My own music would be described as a mix of country-pop and soul-pop, but I am easily adapted in different genres, as I studied a wide range of music in my 4 years at music school. My voice and songwriting skills are very flexible because of that. My taste in music varies, from jazz to Disney, from synthpop to country-rock.

So far I've pitched music for various artists, mainly K-Pop and J-Pop artists, DJ's/Producers and Dutch singers and songwriters. I have cliënts worldwide.

My Vocal Demo 2019

I was the lead singer, backing vocalist, songwriter and producer in this production.
  • My Vocal Demo 2019

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