Bass Guitar for $125

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Christian Wood

Bass Guitar for $125

With my bass guitar services, I provide the following:

1. two tracks (simple track and a busier more melodic track)
2. two revisions

Basses used:

1. Fender '63 AVRI Precision Bass
2. Fender American Professional ii Precision Bass
3. Fender Road Worn Precision Bass (flat wound strings)
4. Viola Bass Guitar
5. Upright Bass

Gear used:

Fender Bassman 500 Amplifier
Universal Audio SVT Amplifier
Origin Effects Bass Rig
Darkglass Microtubes Overdrive
API 560 EQ
Universal Apollo Twin Interface

  • Americana
  • Country
  • Christian
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Soul

West Coast - Day Dreamers

Bass Guitar
  • West Coast - Day Dreamers
  • Hey Girl (Live) - Anne Wilson

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