Rhythm and Beat Programming for $85

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Rhythm and Beat Programming for $85

I am primarily a bass player, but I am also very experienced at programming rhythms and creating beats.
I regularly use many different beat creation software packages, including Reason, Stylus RMX and BFD.
But it's not really about the software, it's about my 20 years of experience working with some great drummers and percussionists and in many different genres which have given me an insight into how a rhythm track should function as a whole within a song, with the bass and drums (or other rhythmic elements) working and locking together to create a seamless foundation.
I can provide full audio tracks (please specify your sample rate) this might include samples/loops with and without FX, or MIDI parts which you can use to trigger your own preferred sounds.
Please check out my Soundcloud samples where I have programmed all the rhythm parts and played the basslines.

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