Detroit Bass Service by James Simonson for $100

In Bass 100% Guarantee By James Simonson

Detroit Bass Service by James Simonson for $100

Quick turnaround with classic old school work ethic. Instruments include a 1975 Precision Bass with old flat wounds, 75 Jazz Bass with Rotosounds, 60's Jazz Bass Fretless, 2020 Ken Smith Black Tiger Elite 5, World War II era Kay Upright Bass.

Can read well if needed and emulate note for note.

Full Time player in Detroit for 30 years. Have worked with many of the classic elders in the jazz, rock, and electro scene. I am the jazz bass doubler in the Detroit Symphony and Detroit Opera House.

I use Apogee with Logic Pro X
Acme Motown Hand Wired Channel Strip with a hand made, Iron Core DI.

Not every track is the same. Can provide degrees of simple to complex, lyrical or straight pocket feel. 3 revisions is standard but I'm willing to work with you until you're happy.

My website is very easy to find. Thank You!

  • Electronic
  • Soul
  • Blues
  • Latin
  • Jazz
  • World

Funky Funk

Herbie Hancock
  • Funky Funk
  • Straight Business Pocket
  • World Groove
  • Contemporary Bass
  • From my solo album

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