Sitar - Session for $90

In Folk Instruments In Sitar By Eduardo Riter

Sitar - Session for $90

Imagine if you can have a special sitar sound on your track or soundtrack! It would surely stand out.

My name is Eduardo. Native from Brazil with background on Funky Blues guitar and Brazilian Samba-Rock. After years of Prog-Rock and Post-Rock works I went to India to study Hindustani Classical Music. Started with the sitar, and it became an extension of my own self.

My sitar is made of mahogany wood, with a rich warm sound as it suggests. Made by Sitarmaker from Varanasi, India. Perfectly tuned. Recorded through a 24bit platform with a german Cardioid Condenser mic just as we wish, to preserve the original sound of the instrument. Also possible to record at High-End professional studio with a stereo setup made of two omni german Neumann mics with amazing technicians assisting.

3 different takes (strictly if necessary)
Original master files (edits only if demanded)
2 revisions included

  • Ambient
  • Classical
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • World

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Ambient music composed with pads, piano, sitar and percussions.
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