Sitar Tracks in High Quality for $40

In Folk Instruments 100% Guarantee By ChichiWj

Sitar Tracks in High Quality for $40

I'm a professional sitarist with experience of more than 14 years, a Composer and a Music Producer.

I will be happy to record Sitar Tracks for your compositions. Though Sitar has a rich Indian tonal quality, I can play it to fit to any genre of music.

Below is a preview of Sitar FX versions.

I use a highly professional sitar specially made for studio recordings with an inbuilt microphone.
You can get a,

Acoustic sitar track
Sitar track with Audio Effects (distortion/reverb/delays/Granular synthesis/chorus effect etc)
Sitar with a Tabla (loop) or Piano accompaniment

I also am excessively experienced in creating Sitar Samples Libraries. Contact me if you'd like to get your own Sitar sample library (Also Hybrid sample libraries) with One-shots and Loops.

Tracks can be delivered in any quality (24bit/16bit/44.1kHz/24kHz), with a ProTools project file on request.

For the basic package of 40$ , the recording duration would be 1 minute.

Please contact me for more than 1 minute long
tracks for Custom offers.

Unlimited revisions will be provided.

Please drop me a message before placing an order to get customised offers.

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