1 song demo: arranged, mixed, and mastered... for $500

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Ziv Music

1 song demo: arranged, mixed, and mastered... for $500

I have been in the music industry for 15 years, travelled North America for the last 6 years on tour, and sold tens of thousands of my own records. I create demos, which sound like records, very quickly and can deliver them with stems so you can remix them as you wish. I work in Pro Tools 11 or Logic. My studio set up is both analog and digital. I have a 36 channel Soundcraft 8000 analog console that was owned by Sony Studios Los Angeles which sounds warm and lovely. Or, I can mix in the box. You choose. I can do lush ambient demos, stripped down acoustic, or piano driven pop, rock, alternative and alternative country. My songs have been featured and placed on FOX, ABC, WB, MTV, VH1, Discovery Channel, and more. Let me put the same love an attention into your idea and make it come to life. I can play every instrument as well as program very proficiently. I do offer a live drum package but must charge more for that. You can find samples of my work done 100% by searching ZIV on itunes. I can work from a vocal only or complete tracks that need revisiting. I am happy to load as many tracks into the song as you like and am willing to do up to 3 revisions. I am very reasonable and will not count a volume change or something small as a revision. I am offering a complete refund if you are unsatisfied; however, in that event you will not be able to use any production ideas, tracks, etc...that I came up with, played, etc...I think that's fair!

Below is my gear list

Console and Outboard
Soundcraft 8000 console
Vintech 273 mic pres (Pair)
Lexicon PCM 81
Lexicon PCM 60
Roland SDE 1000
DBX 166A
Joe Meek SC2
Joe Meek VC1Q ( Pair)
Aphex 109 Parametric EQ
Digidesign 11 Rack

Software and Computers
MACPRO 8 core 24 gigs of ram
Pro-Tools 11
Logic 9


Neumann M149 (the one!!!!)
Oktava Mk-12 (pair)
CAD EK-100
Audix D6
Shure Sm57 (4 total)
Audix i5 (pair)
Studio Projects C3

Guitar Amps and Efx
Fender Pro Reverb (1972)
Vox VT15
LIne 6 DL4
Fulltone Fulldrive

1997 Fender American HSS Strat
1970 Epiphone Crestwood
1984 Fender P-Bass
2000 Martin DX1 (American Acoustic)

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