Modern Music Production/Mixing & Mastering Demo to Commercial Product for $550

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Ethan Zachary Burch

Modern Music Production/Mixing & Mastering Demo to Commercial Product for $550

I want to take your demo or song to the next level. I would love to work with your creatively to define the direction of your track arrangement and instrumentation. Furthermore, I am excited to work towards your vision and use all the gear at my disposal to make it happen!

As far as gear goes I have a plethora of instruments, mics, hardware synthesizers and plugins at my disposal. My studio is fully equipped and I work mainly in Pro Tools but can accept Logic Pro X sessions as well. I will also accept stems/raw files and work from there.

I studied audio engineering in college and have been in many bands. I have produced a wide range of artists from solo, acoustic female acts to hard hitting alternative rock bands. As a singer, guitarist, and bass player I have an ear for arrangement and what makes a good song great - I have taken many clients works from voice memo to final product.

I will use everything at my disposal to make your creative vision a reality.

If you are just wanting a piece of the puzzle (i.e. just mixing, just mastering, just pre-prod) we can work out a custom offer. Shoot me a message! I would love to accommodate your needs.

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Fresh Start

An example of a simple production demo I worked on for a band.
  • Fresh Start
  • Disengaged
  • The Real Thing

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