I am a 22 year-old, Nashville based songwriter and guitarist. I grew up in a suburb of Kansas City listening and enjoying all types of music from bluegrass to the Beatles. When I was handed a guitar at the age of 7 I grew fond of blues musicians like Gary Moore and B. B. King, and later John Mayer and Eric Clapton. After playing in a few bands I realized I needed to start singing out of necessity. I started writing songs around that time, at age 12, and quickly realized I had a strong ear for melodies and a feel for lyric writing. Coming from a family of musical individuals I was blessed to have a lot of encouragement and a plethora of influences from a young age. As a writer, I will quickly come up with lots of concepts and work with you to carry out your vision for melody and lyrical themes. While my writing strengths are Pop and R&B, I can work within many styles and help you take any song to the next level.