Expert Audio Editing for $100

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Expert Audio Editing for $100

I have been a recording engineer since 1986, and have worked in the digital realm since 1987, both as an audio editor for Muzak LLP and in my home studio, Spoot Studios. I have edited and produced my own recordings, as well as for the Tiptons Sax Quartet, Ama Trio, Italian group OU, Tone Dogs, The Danubians, and many other groups.

Please send me files totaling up to 80 minutes for audio editing work ~ fade ins and outs, song starts and ends, sweetening, hard edits within the file, etc.
If the files are longer.

I work efficiently, and am happy to clean up any mess. I take good notes and keep files well organized and archived clearly.

I work with Reaper at the moment; I will soon upgrade my system to Logic.

Though highly doubtful, if you are not satisfied with my initial work, I will be happy to re-edit.

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  1. Review By: SpringValley Dec 7, 2017

    Amy worked with me and got me what I wanted. Will return for my next accordion track!
    Thank you Amy!

  2. Review By: MikeKingAtl Apr 14, 2017

    Very happy with the saxophone tracks. They complemented the song perfectly - great feel and vibe.

  3. Review By: MikeKingAtl Sep 14, 2016

    Amy was great to work with and delivered great performances and recordings. Superb musician. Very happy with the end result.

  4. Review By: Kevdog73 Mar 21, 2016

    Hi Amy. Buona sera. How exciting to be in Rome. Are you gigging? I loved what you played and have heard compliments from everyone who has heard the song. Thanks so much for your gracious thoughts. Until next time. Grazie Kevin