Psychedelic/progressive rock mix for $75

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Psychedelic/progressive rock mix for $75

Hello everyone and welcome to my psychedelic/progressive Mixing and Mastering gig!

I'm Mateo, a music producer/audio engineer. I work as an Audio Engineer specialized on mixing.
If you're here you know that not everyone knows how to mix properly a psychedelic song, since the techniques that this genre requires are not the standard techniques in mixing.

No Presets!
Your song will get the specific treatment it needs

I Will Deliver:
1 Mp3 file, common for sharing on social media.
1 WAV file, industry standard for streaming and commercial use.

I also offer MASTERING only services (if your song is already mixed)

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your stems are properly lined up & exported before submitting your song. Also, it's highly recommended to include a reference mix/ brief instructions to ensure we are on the same page

Looking forward to working with you!

  • Prog rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Trance
  • Rock

Desert Hole

This is an excerpt from a song I mixed for the band Sun Trance
  • Desert Hole
  • Far Away

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