Music Mixing for $150

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Music Mixing for $150

Ex - BBC producer, Music composer and Mix Engineer.
I'm from London and moved to open a studio in beautiful Amsterdam.

Latest release:
Film Music:
(Steven Spielberg's Munich (2005).
Studio is a hybrid SSL Sigma analogue with classic outboard.

I will provide you with a small part of your song for free, so you can hear what I can do and decide if you want to go on.

I can take a track at any stage and use all creative techniques possible to get your music finished and ready for release.

My mixing and mastering and production work is all based on emotion, bringing what is unique about you and grabbing the attention of the listener from the first sound.

Unlimited revisions until you are happy with a mix - This is within reason - i.e. the same brief for the mix and not adding additional parts etc. ; but I'm happy to discuss mutually agreeable arrangements to get these extras incorporated.

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