Lead Sheets for your songs for $50

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Carlos Severiche

Lead Sheets for your songs for $50

Lead Sheet Transcriptions.

Place an order if you need an accurate transcription of your song.

What includes this kind of transcription?
- Melody of the main instrument with lyrics in standard notation.
- Chord symbols and main musical notation (tempo marks, style, time and key signature, etc.).
- Structure and rehearsal marks (Section letters, repeats, etc.).
- General dynamics instructions.
- Main texts (title, author, arranger, etc.).

I will provide a PDF document. Source file (Musescore) or MIDI can be available on request and it might cost an extra fee.

This service includes only 1 melody. The song must be no longer than 4 minutes. It does not includes solo transcription since it takes way too much time. If you need more than one instrument to be transcribed, you need to place an order for each one.

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