Hollywood Film Music Veteran Transcription Service for $80

In Transcription 100% Guarantee By Raymond Schnurr

Hollywood Film Music Veteran Transcription Service for $80

Hello, I am an experienced cinematic composer, orchestrator and music preparation specialist who worked in the L.A. Film and Music industry for 20+ years. As part of my journey, I spent many years working as a Musician's Union, Music Preparation Specialist. Transcriptions and Orchestrations for top studio films and a-list musical artist were my bread and butter. I am accustomed to quick turn-around and high standards of quality and I'm ready to help you on your next project!

You are welcome to visit IMDB.com or https://www.raymondschnurr.com/ for more information about my music preparation (music department) credits.

~$20 per single line, average density instrument/vocal
~$30 per single line, high density instrument/vocal
~$35 per grand staff, average density instrument (piano/harp/organ/choir)
~$50 per grand staff, high density instrument (piano/harp/organ/choir)

~All songs are created differently, so please contact me so we can work
together to find you the best rate, according to the specifics of your song.
~All song lengths are rounded up to nearest 30-second increment.

~Upon completion of project, I will deliver PDF, MusicXML and MIDI files.
~Projects will typically be delivered in 1-2 days, depending upon length
and musical density of your project.
~I offer video chats as well as the air gigs communication methods, so this
type of information can be discussed and agreed upon at that time.

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Choral
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country

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