Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Dobro, and Lap Steel: 5 Instruments ANY Or ALL For 1 Price for $200

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Brandon Autry

Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Dobro, and Lap Steel: 5 Instruments ANY Or ALL For 1 Price for $200

I am a session/touring multi -instrumentalist with 20 years of pro experience. I love the recording process and look forward to working on your project! Here is some basic info..

This listing is for Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Steel guitar, Dobro (resonator), and Bass guitar

I will compose, arrange, record, and edit ANY or ALL for ONE price ($200). Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

*I can also do a full production track with all above instruments AND drums (program/midi with live samples) for and additional fee . Please message for details!!

All electric tracks are recorded close mic'ed to a real guitar amp (no plug in amps) with your choice of a Royer 121 ribbon mic, Warm Audio WA87 (U87), Sm57, (or any combination)

Acoustic tracks are recorded with a WA87 or a Royer 121, set back a bit for natural room ambience.

My goal is to serve the song and provide a track (or tracks) that best suits YOUR vision. There's no need to pay until you are completely satisfied.

All I need from you is your song (mp3, wave file, phone recording, anything really...), the tempo, and whatever sound or vision you have in mind.

Once I receive your track and notes I get right to work. Your song will become my first priority. You'll have some music in your hands within 24 hours ( normally within just a couple hours!)

When sending the finished product (stems), I will include 1 dry version of each track and 1 wet version of each track (with effects)

a little about me:
I am the former music director and lead guitarist for Sam Riggs, and have extensive touring experience as the music director and lead guitarist for country artist Chase Rice (Columbia), Brandon Ray (Sony), as well as many other artists of all genres. My studio experience ranges from Country, Rock, Praise and Worship, Gospel, Blues, Blue Grass, Soul, R&B etc. I love music with all of my heart and would be honored to be part of your unique project!

My gear consists of PRS, Fender, and Gibson electrics, Matchless, Tyler, and 3rd Power amplifiers, PRS and Martin acoustics, Fender J bass, Strymon, Fulltone, Universal Audio Apollo interface, Royer 121, Shure SM57, and WA87 mics .

I pride myself most on my work ethic, and having a CAN DO, serve the song attitude. Please reach out if you have any questions! Let's make some music together!

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