Add symphony orchestra to your track for $490

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Add symphony orchestra to your track for $490

I'm Paul- a composer, producer and pianist from Ireland. I hold a Masters Degree from the University of Ireland in Music Composition, specializing in classical / orchestral music. I am very comfortable writing in many different historical and contemporary styles.

My compositions have been performed by soloists, ensembles and bands across Ireland, and around the world, and my film scores have received many awards in the 10+ years I have been writing music professionally. I own and run a project studio in the West of Ireland, where I service clients locally and globally over the internet.

On Airgigs, I offer to lend you my experience and expertise in classical composition. by writing an orchestral part for your track.

Send me your track, and I'll send you back a complete set of orchestral stems that you can mix yourself, plus a master rough mix. This will include Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion.

I use only the highest quality virtual instruments to achieve my sound. My arsenal includes:

Cinematic Strings, Berlin Strings, LA Scoring Strings

Berlin Woodwinds


Cine Percussion

Albion 1,2 &3
NI Komplete
NI Kontakt
Waves Plugins

Presonus Studio One 3

::::::::::::::::::::HOW IT WORKS::::::::::::::::::::

Send me a message so we can discuss your track and your requirements. Make sure to include the following:

Your track (WAV or AIFF only please)
What kind of orchestration you want done
Samples of music that you want the song to sound like (Youtube is fine)
A Chord Chart or Sheet Music (if available)
The MIDI File (if available)

Once you place your order, I'll write the orchestral part for your track.

I will deliver
-A Rough Mix (direct from my DAW)
-The Complete Set of Stems (for you to mix yourself)

All files are 24 bit / 41000hz WAVs. If you require a different format, please ask.

I am happy to make tweaks if you want something small changed, and the price includes 2 rounds of larger revisions if necessary.

I look forward to working with you to bring your music to the next level.

For Ireland

Track I recorded and arranged by CallyAnna
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  • Kalinka
  • Millions Out There
  • To Live And Love Again
  • Main Title
  • Forever And A Day

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