Topline melody writing for your song. Big hooks and commercial appeal. for $120

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Topline melody writing for your song. Big hooks and commercial appeal. for $120


Topline writing is composing a melody and lyrics over a piece of music, or a beat that has already been created by a musician, band or producer.

At DyHard Productions we are hired for a lot of topline writing work, and pride ourselves in crafting melodies that fit the vision of the client, from massive hooks and choruses to more sophisticated toplines.

A song’s melodic topline is an essential element, especially in forms of popular music. It’s the part of the song that draws the listeners attention …. the part people sing along to in the car!

Firstly we discuss with you what you looking to achieve with the song, what style you would like, what is the purpose of the song, and do you have any ideas already that you would like to share with us?

The next stage would be for us to work on the topline. We send you the topline melody, recorded in our studio using pro standard microphones. If you have already provided us with lyrics we will sing the melody using them, but if you want to write the lyrics at a later date we will sing the topline using our own words, mostly using ‘Scratch lyrics’ that convey the melody, but not fully written lyrics. If you’ve hired us to write the melody only that is where the process ends, once you’ve approved of our work.

If you have also hired us to write the lyrics we will work on them once the melody is finalised. We will ask you in what direction you would like the words, are there any feelings or subjects you would like included? Alternatively, we can write the words that we feel fit the song, it’s completely up to you!

Once you have approved the lyrics we then re-record the melody, singing the approved lyrics, so you can hear how they flow over your track.

We have comprehensive portfolio on our Soundcloud profile - The songs are split into 'genre playlists' for your convenience. You'll find rock, pop, ballads, commercials, jingles, kids songs, instrumentals and more

I sometimes get messages where there is confusion over the word 'melody' - For this gig the vocal melody is the tune that the singer sings. The 'lyrics' are the actual words.

We offer 2 revisions
We offer work for hire, so all commercial rights of our delivered work are 100% yours

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Falling In Love Again

Falling In Love Again - released under the band name 'Palm Lakes' - An 80's inspired anthem.
  • Falling In Love Again
  • Chalk It Up
  • The Road Back To Me
  • Necklace For You
  • Dreamland

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