Song - Fully written, recorded, mixed and mastered for $300

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Song - Fully written, recorded, mixed and mastered for $300

We have written 100s of songs for pro recording artists, TV, movies, commercials, gaming and apps.
We now work from our studio in the sunny south of Taiwan, close to the beach and inspiring landscapes that maybe you can hear in our music.
DyHard Productions was also commissioned to work on a variety of soundtracks large scale casino entertainment projects – These included writing tracks for the state of the art light show at The Galaxy Casino, writing and producing music videos for the Musion 3D screen in Soho, City Of Dreams, and producing 50 tracks for the Sirens Waterfall feature in the Philippines.

Here at DyHard Productions we can write songs in many genres from the ground up, composing musical structure, melodies, lyrical content and more, and then moving on to the recording, engineering and mixing of the song. However, we can also collaborate with you on your project and work with any musical or lyrical ideas you already have.
Music and songwriting certainly comes down to personal taste, so we work closely with all our clients and make sure they approve every step of the process while we’re in the composition and recording phase. Below you can read our detailed process, which guarantees that the client is satisfied with the song.
Clients want songs written for many different reasons. We have composed and produced 100s of songs for release by recording artists (including ghost writing), TV, movies, commercials and corporate events, as well as one-off personal songs for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. We’re proud of our 100% customer satisfaction.

If you have music you have already written, or musical parts you want included or want adapted in any way please message me first and we can talk about your ideas.

Our process allows you to be involved throughout the process.

1) After discussing the details with you we make a demo of the track, this can be very simple, maybe just a guitar and voice, but it means you hear the direction and melodies before we proceed.

2) On your approval of our demo we will then professionally record the track in our studio.

3) After the recording we will mix the song and send you the first mix.

4) On approval of the mix we will then master the song for you.

All songs are pro recorded, mixed and mastered on approval of the final mix
We offer 3 revisions
We offer a work for hire service, 100% of commercial rights are yours
Delivered in MP3 or WAV

Nothing To Me

Nothing To Me was recorded and written under the name Palm Lakes - Our love of 80s music is all over this, and this was part of two tracks to launch our new project - Palm Lakes
  • Nothing To Me
  • Dreamland
  • ShinyKings Inc
  • Wildlight
  • Burn It Down
  • The Road Back To Me
  • Necklace For You
  • Giving It Up For Love
  • Believe In Love (Demo)

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