A professional mix for your song for $170

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A professional mix for your song for $170

In essence, audio mixing is taking separate tracks and combining them together to create a song or musical piece.

The job of a mixer is to create a blend that excites the listener and emphasises the emotion and direction of the track. A great mix is an essential element of any successful song, and at DyHard Productions we have mixed 100s of songs for recording artists, TV, movies and more.

Communication with the artist is key, so we always discuss what the client is looking to achieve from the mix, for example if they want the song to be raw and direct, or more polished and commercial? We find out how many tracks will make up the mix, and if any work is needed on them such as tuning and cleaning.

I have a comprehensive portfolio on the Soundcloud link- It is divided into playlists so you can choose the style you're looking for, and if you don't see it here please send us a message!

I will provide you with a high quality WAV or AIFF file once you're satisfied with the mix.
We provide 4 revisions, and offer 'work for hire' so all commercial rights are yours.

Everything I'm Looking For

Written and performed under the name Goober Gun. This song has been featured heavily on radio in Asia, and features a chorus sung in Chinese.
  • Everything I'm Looking For
  • Desert Love
  • Candy Coaster
  • Nothing To Me

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