Contemporary Urban/Pop/R&B/Rap Songwriting and Vocals Lyrics, Melody, and Recording for $450

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Contemporary Urban/Pop/R&B/Rap Songwriting and Vocals Lyrics, Melody, and Recording for $450

Hello there! My name is Marcus aka CaiNo and I am a professional full time vocalist/composer/producer/engineer since 2001. I specialize in Urban, Pop, and Hip-Hop/Rap genres and have been compared to the likes of The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Prince, D'Angelo, Eminem, Drake, J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco etc. I also write original raps in ALL rap styles (including Trap). I run a professional recording studio full-time, with high quality microphones, preamps, and acoustic treatments. I currently have over 800 new songs signed and published in the last 4 years alone, with tons of amazing placements. I have been featured as a top ten independent artist, been SingerUniverse Vocalist of the Month, and have had music placed on MTV, E!, FOX, ABC, CBS, Showtime, VICELAND, and many more (The pic shows some of the shows that have licensed my music). Please check out my SoundCloud page for more examples of my work. All of my current music has been licensed for Film/TV. I work very quickly and have a perfect track record with my collaborators all over the world. Please check out my AirGigs profile for client reviews and comments. I look forward to working with you! :)

I am offering my songwriting services for $450 that includes the following:

- Full song lyrics and melody written to pre-existing music track (provided by you)
- Song can be sung or rap, or a combination of both
- Includes vocal tracks recorded (mixing/mastering services available for extra cost)

I can provide the song to you within 7 days (usually sooner in most cases). Please contact me directly for more info on FULL production/mixing/mastering services, or check out my other AirGigs services. Thank you :) *Audio demo file original production, lyrics, recording and mix/mastering by CaiNo @ Movement Studioz

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CaiNo Demo - 2018

  • CaiNo Demo - 2018
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