Acoustic Guitar for $100

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Acoustic Guitar for $100

I'm more of a color guitarist than straight rhythm, I'll let my demo speak for itself. Although I am not a speed picker, I do understand the emotion of a song. My influences are definitely bluegrass, country and Americana but I like to drag those styles into other genres. I play a Taylor Presentation Series with cocobolo back and sides and cedar top, as well as a Taylor 300 series dreadnaught for when I need to dig into the pick. I record these either with with a large diaphragm tube mic for that woody natural sound or stereo-mic'd for a larger stereo feel. I employ strong rhythms and tasty licks that play around the vocal, not over it.

I do have a multiple-instrument rate; $100 for the first instrument, $75 for each additional instrument on the same song.

  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Gospel
  • Singer-Songwriter

Acoustic Guitar

Samples of guitar I've played for clients
  • Acoustic Guitar

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