Pro HQ Electric & acoustic guitar tracks composing, arranging & recording for $130

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Pro HQ Electric & acoustic guitar tracks composing, arranging & recording for $130

I love arranging and recording guitar tracks and play styles from classic rock, blues, indie, ambient, electronica, heavy metal, progressive...
I’m equally happy taking specific instructions (including sheet music) or no instructions at all. Typically, we will discuss song direction and guitar concepts in order to achieve the best results for your project.
I have a wide range of guitars include:Gibson, PRS, Fender, Suhr, Taylor, and more, as well as amps, include: Friedman BE-100 dlx, Twin Sister, Small Box 50, JJ junior, Fender Tremolux, Tone-Master, Marshall 1987 JMP, JCM800 super lead 1959, Mesa Boogie mkV, Brunetti Mercury 100 customwork and more. Lots of boutiques and rare guitar pedals as well as plug-ins and IR’s, although, I prefer recording with valve amps, real cabinets & microphones.

My recording signal path is:
Guitar through N-Audio 8x6 amplifier/cabinet selector where I can choose between 8 of my amps and 6 cabinets plugged in,
Fryette PS2 into the N-Audio insert where I get XLR direct signal to the M-Audio ProFire 2626 interface for recording IR’s.
I mic up the selected cabinet with two close mics (Royer R121 and Shure SM57)
I use AMS Neve 1073lb & Chandler Limited TG2 500 mic preamps.
In the end, I provide 2 separate tracks for each recorded el guitar plus a direct recorded signal for re-amping if needed.
For the acoustics I use a tube condenser mic Rode NTK along with the piezzo pups of my trusty Taylor 710CE and Alvarez Yairy jumbo 12 string.
I will send you the high quality dry and wet .WAV files 24bit/48khz (or as required) as separated tracks for you or your mixing engineer to have complete control over.

  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock


I was the guitarist,composer and/or arranger in this production.
  • Compilation
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  • Visoko

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