Professional Electric Guitar Recording Lead Guitar for $50

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Professional Electric Guitar Recording Lead Guitar for $50

If you need some quality guitar work done, I am confident in providing great value to your needs. I have recently graduated from the University of York with a Masters in Music Production and am proficient in playing and recording guitars, both electric and acoustic. I have been playing guitar for 15 years and have 4-5 years of experience in recording music, performing and writing songs. I can play a variety of styles, ranging from pop and rock, to blues and R&B.

This service mainly focus on electric guitar parts such as a guitar solo or some rhythmic lead lines throughout a song. For guitar solos, I charge $20 for about 1:30 minute worth of lead guitar playing but this also depends on how complex the client wants the solo to be. Anything more would require a custom order. As for the rhythmic lead lines, I will charge depending on how complex the client would like the lines to be, but I generally charge a set fee of $15-20 for this, depending on the complexity of the piece.

How I would approach the next step of this process is that I will request a client to provide with me their song and I would then continue to adjust my playing to their needs. Usually it would be a single guitar track but I am also able to do multiple parts as well (There will also be a price increase in this record). I will allow for about 1-2 revisions if the client is not satisfied with the first take and further revisions will then require an extra fee.

I will also include providing the client a High Quality recording file of the DI guitar as well as another audio file with the edited guitar part (effects added) bounced down, either through a plugin such as Amplitube 4 or through a miced up guitar amp.

Gear Run down: Yamaha Pacifica 112V
Amp: Boss Katana 50W
Pedal: Line6 Pod Go
Microphones: Shure SM57, AKG C214

My sessions are mostly recorded in Logic Pro X but I have experience with Reaper and other DAWs as well so flexibility is not an issue.

  • Rock
  • Blues
  • R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop-Rock
  • Funk

None to Spare (Original Song)

a short excerpt of my guitar part
  • None to Spare (Original Song)
  • Winter Blues
  • Predator - MayuBayu (Guitar solo)

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