Session Guitarist Electric and Acoustic TWO FOR ONE for $150

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Session Guitarist Electric and Acoustic TWO FOR ONE for $150

Let me bring my years of passion for guitar tone to bear on your next song.

At the end of the day the song is all that matters and I will make sure every note I play serves the song and that message. Choosing from my highly customized arsenal of guitars; including a '78 Les Paul with P90's, '63 reissue Strat, and a PRS 22 custom with Gibson T-Top and Dimarzio Dual Sound pickups just to name a few; I will plug in (to an equally exhaustive pedal and amplifier collection) and go to work bringing your song to life, six strings at a time.

For acoustic guitars I have available two wonderful early '70's Japanese (Yamaki) Martin D28 copies (each with their own unique character that makes doubled parts absolute magic), as well as vintage Yamaha and Stetson 12-strings. You can't fake old wood and these things sound incredible.

Included are (WAV files) 2 doubled rhythm tracks and up to 2 doubled or complimenting lead tracks as appropriate. FEEL FREE TO MIX AND MATCH. Want one acoustic and one electric? You got it. Acoustic rhythm tracks with an electric lead? No problem. Tracks are pocketed within reason and minimally processed. Multiple-mic takes will be summed into one audio file unless otherwise requested.

Usual signal path for electric guitar is:

Multiple dynamic, ribbon, and/or condenser mics -> API style Pre -> Apogee A/D -> SSL EQ

For acoustic guitar is:

km84, 414, or u67 microphone(s) -> Neve 1073 style Pre ->1176 compression -> Apogee A/D -> SSL EQ

Thank you for allowing me on this journey with you and I look forward to the chance to make your art everything that it can be.



  • Americana
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop-Rock

'Potter's Ground' film soundtrack 2020

I produced, mixed, mastered, and played guitars on this piece of music.
  • 'Potter's Ground' film soundtrack 2020
  • "Stacie" by Barely Bandits
  • "Make This Right" by Barely Bandits

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