Home Studio Setup and Design Zoom Session and Email for $100

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Home Studio Setup and Design Zoom Session and Email for $100

As an engineer, producer, and a musician, I have worked in everything from bedroom and home studios to multi-million dollar production facilities. I have built and set up many home studios and workspaces for both myself as well as for/with friends and colleagues.

Trust me when I say this: your budget is not standing in the way of you having an accurate, comfortable, and professional-sounding Home Studio. All it takes is knowledge and experience to be able to take advantage of what you do have, decide what you can make/afford to buy, and to arrange it in important ways to be able to maximise the physics of your space to work in your favor.

All of my advice will be specifically curated for you and your unique situation; not the generic "One Size Fits All" approach found in the common web articles and internet forums.

I will set up a series of conversations followed by at least one Zoom teleconference to discuss your space, what you have, what you need, and the important things that you can do to turn your future projects from Guess Work to Great Work. And I will do whatever I can to assist you and answer your questions from start to finish.

Things We Will Discuss:

Your space (bedroom, basement, garage, etc.)
Your budget (

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • EDM
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • Rock

"Potter's Ground" 2020 file soundtrack

This song was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered here in my Home Studio.
  • "Potter's Ground" 2020 file soundtrack
  • "Directions" by The Southern Transplants
  • "Superlove" (Lenny Kravits cover)

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