Single high quality electric or acoustic guitar track for $40

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Daniel Helfman

Single high quality electric or acoustic guitar track for $40


I am Daniel Helfman. I'm a working musician, making a living as a touring guitarist and session player.
For me, when it comes to recording guitars, it's all about what serves the song best. I'll choose the right gear and build the guitar parts based on the genre and according to your guidelines/references. I'm very influenced by blues and rocknroll guitar players but play many genres from r&b, soul and funk to country, reggae etc. I also love playing slide guitar.

I record all tracks in my own home studio with high quality gear.

I use different guitars in my recordings, including:

Fender strat
Semi-hallow Gretsch electric guitar
Martin OM28 acoustic guitar
National resonator guitar(great for traditional blues and country)
Classical nylon strings guitar
I record electric guitar tracks through a combo Marshall amp or a Fender custom deluxe reverb. Can also use amp simulation and provide D.I signal

*Workflow described in the FAQ section.

Ultimately I'll do what ever is necessary to make your song sound as best as i can.

so in order for that to happen,

please contact me before ordering so we can discuss exactly what you're after.

Let's make some MUSIC !

  • Blues
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Funk
  • Soul

Blues sample

Blues sample
  • Blues sample
  • Full guitar package
  • Resonator slide guitar
  • Rock tune
  • Soul
  • Acoustic piece

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