Guitar & Ukulele Player for $75

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Guitar & Ukulele Player for $75

Music is my passion. I play electric, acoustic guitars and ukulele. Awarded for contribution to the development of music education, preservation of cultural heritage and strengthening of international cultural ties. Winer of Many-faced guitar, Festos and String's Masters Battle. Played on the radio, TV, in a concert with Steve Vai & Apocalyptica.

I grew up on classic rock and blues (which formed my attitude to the sound: tube amplifiers, recorded by a microphone, vintage guitars and pedals), but I always wanted more. So I studied and played jazz, world music (brazilian, hawaiian, african ...), funk, country, bluegrass & fingerstyle acoustic. I have a diploma of the College of Improvised Music, specialty "Artist of the jazz band". Three times won the contest Many-faced guitar in the nomination "Fingerstyle acoustic".

I specialize in Americana, Rock, Blues, Funk, Country, Fingerstyle acoustic, Pop-rock & World music (hawaiian, brazilian, reggae and some others).

I can record electric, acoustic, slide guitars & ukulele. Also can help with arrangement & composition.

In my home studio there is everything necessary for a sufficiently high-quality recording.
iMac with Logic Pro X, PreSonus Firestudio recording system with class A preamplifiers, high-quality various guitars (Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster 62 Custom, 2 Grey Goose acoustic guitars, Koa Ukulele), vintage Fender clone amp, various condenser & dynamic mics. Collection of effect pedals such as BK Butler Tube Driver, Okko Diablo, Jam Pedals, Neunaber & other.

  • World

Country Rock Brothers

Electric, acoustic guitars & ukulele
  • Country Rock Brothers
  • I Will Be There
  • Slow Day
  • Hey Hey
  • Guitar Rag

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