Emotive, Distinct, Heartfelt - versatile Vocalist - various styles for $250

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Emotive, Distinct, Heartfelt - versatile Vocalist - various styles for $250

N.B. Showreel has multiple songs.
I have a distinct vocal quality, and a naturally expressive delivery. I am a singer-songwriter, musician and composer/mixer/producer.
I can deliver a range of textures/attitudes, and also offer a capable falsetto voice.
I am comfortable across various styles, (mainly singer-songwriter, pop, pop-rock, prog-rock, electronic, acoustic, indie, alternative etc) but my voice is not suited to really heavy rock, punk or metal etc.
Vocal range is up to around E3-A3 at the top of the "chest"/"natural" voice register, before going into falsetto, although there is some overlap available around the "breakpoint".
I will provide a comp'd vocal track, and BVs if required.
I record using Shure, Peluso and Audio-Technica mics, into a tube pre amp.
I can also mix and master the song if you wish - please ask for a custom quote in this case..

  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Electronic
  • Funk

Vocal Showreel - 8 songs

Various styles and feelings
  • Vocal Showreel - 8 songs
  • Black Song (piano and vocal)

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