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Hi, I'm Ree!
I’m a singer and vocal coach based out of Nashville, TN. I've shared the stage with Grammy & Dove Winners and I'd love to help you bring your song to life!

I can sing a wide range of vocal styles but specialize in pop, bluesy rock, indie folk, ambient, gospel, and alternative. I’ve written and performed in several genres, been listening to the nuances of voices for over 10 years as a vocal coach, and I've taught numerous students in style training. All of these things have given me a great ear for the qualities that make up a stellar and moving vocal performance. Just have a listen to my samples and Vocal Demo Reel and you'll get a better idea of how I can help you and your song!

If you’re looking for spot-on harmonies that can truly blend with the subtleties of your lead vocals, then you’ve found the right singer. If you need to hire a unique and modern demo singer for your original song, just tell me your vision for it and I can make it happen!

Optimal vocal range: G3 to D5. I have done session work beyond this range, but this is the sweet spot for my voice.

I have a sound-proofed home studio and a fabulous vocal mic (MicParts T-12, comparable to a $5,000 mic), as well as Audient iD14 interface, Logic Pro X, and Equator D5 studio monitors.

With the order I include:

-2 harmony tracks
-Vocals dry in WAV format, lightly tuned
-MP3 of the mix with slight vocal effects

*Please message me BEFORE submitting an order! I'd like to confirm that the song is in the right range for my voice and that a refund will not be necessary.*


  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Gospel
  • Americana
  • Ambient

Ambient w/ harmonies

On the Waters - original
  • Ambient w/ harmonies
  • Electro Pop
  • Blues Rock
  • Pop

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