Mix-ready rock/metal/pop/folk vocals for $250

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Mix-ready rock/metal/pop/folk vocals for $250

Hi! I've been a musician, songwriter, and recording artist for over 20 years. I have a wide vocal range - from baritone to high tenor - and can sing in many different styles (sweet singing, yelling, screaming, growling) depending on the mood of the song. I specialize in rock, metal, pop, and folk (in no particular order). Please check out samples in the audio section!

I can deliver finished tracks within 2-5 days, depending on the length of the song and number of tracks needed. I can also fully edit the tracks (remove noise/clicks/pops, balance volume, EQ, add light comp) for you so that they are 100% ready to drop into your mix!

The price includes:
- lead vocals (doubled upon request)
- backing vocals/harmonies (up to 4)
- post production editing of recorded tracks (noise removal, click/pop/breath removal, EQing, light compression)
- track loudness of -20 db LUFS
- 3 revisions

Extra costs (TBD) for:
- extra vocal layers/harmonies
- vocal arrangements and/or production

Equipment/software used:
- Shure SM57 mics
- U-phoria UMC22 audio interface
- iMac
- pop filters
- sound controlled workspace
- Logic Pro, GarageBand, Adobe Audion

  • Folk
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock


Solo release
  • Dawn
  • Cycles
  • Last Again
  • Gone

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