Clear and experienced audio mastering - 4 songs for $225

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Clear and experienced audio mastering - 4 songs for $225

My name is Matt and I have over 15 years of mastering experience. I use a combination of several different softwares and plugins in order to achieve a great quality master that translates well on all sound systems. I would love the opportunity to show you what I can do with your music today!
Please check out my samples in the Soundcloud and YouTube links section(s).

The price tag per song includes:
- Volume boost and leveling
- Detailed and customized equalization
- Multi-band compression
- Dynamics optimization and enhancement for complex song arrangements
- Hiss removal (if necessary)
- Stereo width adjustment/enhancement for bigger/surround sound
- Tonal balance and control throughout for sonic consistency
- Files in whatever bit resolution and rate(s) you prefer; the most common are 16 or 24 bit resolution and a 44.1k Hz bit rate
- Length editing at the beginning/end of the song(s) if needed/specified
- Multiple revisions - as many as necessary until you are 100% happy!

I am here for your needs. As an independent musician for over 25 years, I am extremely familiar with every single step of the music making process and fully understand the amount of time, blood, sweat, tears, and money involved in achieving a final product that you can be 100% proud of. A great sounding master is the final step and I'm fully confident that you'll be 100% happy with the final product once it's delivered!

Contact me today and let's get to work!

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  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Prog rock

Marq Bumble - To Candyland, Candyman

  • Marq Bumble - To Candyland, Candyman
  • Marq Bumble - Poison Ivy
  • Mark Bumble - Showmanship

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