Hello. My name is Matt Schneider and I have over 25 years of experience as a rock/metal/acoustic guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and engineer.
I take great pride in my work and will do my absolute best to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the finished product(s). My services include rhythm guitars, lead guitars, random guitar fills/overdubs, acoustic guitars, podcast editing/mixing, and audio cleanup (noise reduction, de-clipping, de-clicking, distortion removal, background noise removal). Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hopefully working together soon!

Discography (2001-present) - Year/Project/Album/Credits:
2001/The Impulse Eclectic/Blueprints For Immunity/1 song/Bass and lead guitar
2001/Great Solar Stance/3 Song EP/All Songs/Guitars, vocals, co-writing, co-mixing, co-producing
2002/The Impulse Eclectic/III/All Songs/Rhythm, lead, and acoustic guitars
2003/Cougars /(single)/Walk All Over You (AC/DC cover)/Backing vocals
2004/Matt Schneider/5 Song EP/All Songs/All instruments, writing, mixing, producing
2004/Catamount/Seven Million Years Too Late (EP)/All Songs/Rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars, co-writing, co-mixing, co-producing
2004/The Glass Hour/Amarinthine/4 songs/Lead and rhythm acoustic guitars
2006/Matt Schneider/Premature Unconsciousness/All Songs/All instruments, writing, mixing, producing, engineering, mastering
2006/Catamount/Public Displays Of Private Delusion/All Songs/All instruments, co-writing, co-mixing, co-producing
2009/The Impulse Eclectic/Canyon Of Spiders/1 song/Lead guitar
2009/Great Solar Stance/The Locus Mundi/All Songs/Guitars, vocals, co-writing, co-mixing, co-producing
2010/The Impulse Eclectic/Visions of Algol: The Daemon Star/Lead guitar
2013/Flesh Relic/Aeon Void/1 song/Lead guitar
2014/ Flesh Relic/The Corridor/1 song/Lead guitar
2015/Kemman/The View From Earth/3 songs/Lead guitar
2015/Flesh Relic/How Far The Eye Can See/1 song/Lead guitar
2016/Kemman/Summer Sky EP/1 song/Lead guitar
2019/Matt Schneider/Throes (single)/Throes/All instruments, writing, mixing, producing, engineering, mastering
2019/Matt Schneider/Apex (single)/ All instruments, writing, mixing, producing, engineering
2020/Matt Schneider/Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (single)/All instruments, mixing, producing, engineering, mastering
2020/Chasm/Self-Divide (single)/All instruments except vocals, co-writing, co-producing, mixing, mastering
2020/Negligent Genocide/4 song EP/2 songs/Lead guitar