High quality main vocals for $80

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High quality main vocals for $80

Hello I am a male singer who will record my voice for you. You can hear my showreel in my video. I love offering my voice for people's projects. I have been singing and playing music for over 25 years. I enjoy singing everything from Parodies to Punk.

Please contact me first outlining what your needs are with an mp3 of the track so that I can evaluate if I feel I can do my best for you. Please check out my showreel on my video for all the different styles my voice suits.

My price for a straight vocal recording is usually $80 With harmonies is usually $100. If a main vocal is technically more difficult and time consuming to learn / perform, I may ask for extra. Some tracks take more work than others and I fairly express this in my asking price. I always give the performance 100% as if it's my own project. Please check out my reviews. If you would like to hear my voice singing a verse and chorus this will cost $20. This is for security and allows me to be paid for the work and time involved in learning a part of your song, setting up the project in my music software, setting up microphones and recording and then sending you the files. If you then decide to order this will be taken off the final price.

I can sing your song for you which you have already written, record it and send you it as a WAV file 48 khz 24 bit. You must provide the backing track for me to sing to and an example track of the melody you want me to sing.
Song must be no longer than 4 mins. If so will be $5 for every extra 30 secs.

A normal vocal will take me 7 to 10 days although I can sometimes do quicker. I can deliver in 24 bit WAV file. Example of acceptable revision: "You were a bit flat on that note can you do it again" or "You didn't pronounce that word properly can you sing again". Eg of a non acceptable revision "Can you sing the whole thing again!"

Musicians I have played and worked with include Belle and Sebastian, The Vaselines, Idlewild, Edywn Collins, Sam Brown. I have an SE 44000a Mic with relfection filter, Cubase and solid, fast recording PC.

Thanks for your time I look forward to singing for you. Strata :O)


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