Female vocalist with unique tone, harmonies, adlibs, and professional recording for $70

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Female vocalist with unique tone, harmonies, adlibs, and professional recording for $70

Hi, I'm Tarayah and I'm a professional vocalist with almost 10 years of experience in the music scene and recording studio. I'm also a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter and I'm currently studying mixing/mastering engineering. 

If you are looking for a voice with a unique tone that can add that little originality to your song, you've come to the right place! Whatever your music style is, I can adapt to any genre (except metal scream I must say!) and add this extra spark that you are looking for. 

I let myself the right to refuse certain projects that I think would not suit me/that I don't think I would be as creative as I want because I don't believe in "mechanical creativity". I rather work with full passion than deliver something that I don't like. But if I believe that I can add an interesting value, let's go for it and make some magic! This doesn't prevent me to challenge myself: I will get out of my comfort zone if the project inspires me. 

How I work: 
- First package: Pre-written full lead, double vocals up to 4 min 250$
- Second package: Pre-written harmonies, ad-libs (only need the lyrics if there is any, I can create original harmonies, ad-libs) 70$ 

- Original lyrics or melodies 
- Expedite under 48 hours
- Mixing/Mastering

We can discuss your project and I will make a custom offer with a special price if several packages are needed. 

What you will receive: 
- Several raw vocals stems HQ in WAV format ready to go (comped, tuned & timed)

I'm also fluent in both English and French, so if you need vocals in either of those languages, drop me a message! 

List of gears: Rode NT1A, Scarlett Focusrite 2i2, Beyerdynamics dt770, Ableton live, a lot of VST and plugins (Melodyne, Native Instrument, Izotope, Waves, Valhalla, FabFilter, XLN Audio, ...)

I kindly ask that you speak with me if you want to utilize my name in a commercial release. 


Mix of songs where you can hear clearly my tone of voice
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